Model miniature paling mahal di dunia Lamborghini Aventador : $4.7 million

Most expensive model car: The Lamborghini Aventador miniature
Most expensive model car: The Lamborghini Aventador miniatureMost expensive model car: The Lamborghini Aventador miniature, which gold linings and diamonds encrustments.
The auto lovers go to great lengths to satiate their thirst for favorite automobiles, and one such way is miniature models of these cars. We have earlier seen the Selection car model by Mercedes and Brawn BGP001 1:8 model car, both of which were pretty neo-realistic, and came with a heavy price tag too. But Robert Gulpan, the German model maker, took the obsession to another level by creating a 1:8 version of the Lamborghini Aventador, which is now the world’s most expensive car model. Carrying a price of $4.7 million, the model car is double the price of Aston Martin One-77, featured at the top of ourmost expensive cars list. This miniature model boasts a high-end make with precious metal and gemstones studded in its body, that even the original version doesn’t have. 
Mr. Gulpan began work in 1990s where he started creating miniature masterpieces of high-end vehicles. Over the time, he perfected the art and recently had the Italian carmaker Lamborghini sending him the designing blue prints of the Aventador model. He used the computer modeling data and his craftsmanship to create a miniature 1:8 version of the car, which is perhaps multiple times more expensive than the real car itself! The chassis has the same grade of carbon fiber like the original but has linings of 1/1000 mm thread of solid gold, which obviously the real thing doesn’t boast of. Each part of the interior has been individually handcrafted, including the diamonds on the seats and also the headlights outside. The alloy wheel of the car has been created out of an alloy of platinum and gold and carries the same level of accurate craftsmanship as the rest of the car model.
The model shall be open for auction in December at New York, which Sothebey’s will undertake. The price estimates are said to be in the region of $4.7 million and higher. This most expensive miniature car sure falls in the league of collector cars. May be the buyer of the 1957 250 Testa Rossa, known as the most expensive car ever sold at an auction, for $16.39 million, will fancy this one!

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