crazy after PCS...(english tunggang langgang version)

want to see crazy boys? haha. dis picture was taken after Business Meeting Professional Communication Skills class. note: dats y all of us wearing smart attire. Matrix student also not smart like us...haha
presentation marks? forget it....

introducing.. photographer. old school digital camera.. the picture that i was take is much more nicer using my sony hp than all his picture.. haahaha, sowie faiz~

introducing me....handsome rite???

just move out from room....this time everything still in normal

during disscusion...crazy virus start to spread

OTW back.. everything start to become bad..

::take time to pose::

the only nice pics from faiz camera

too late to be save...

last pose from evrybody..

it was crazy rite? dont noe la. that was fun. the weather also very nice for fotography session just now

last pic, hot stuff.. special for hasyimie. if mira want to take this pics,it okay. introducing...




akemaLL said...

kuang ajaq.. rephrase pon x.. at least bg rr credit.. chiss.. blah3..

tiara said...

wei...academic writting got learn MLA APA n footnote rite??mane2??hahaha...

chapoi said...

ade kan kt bwh tu...reference

cyclohexane said...

muka 'puas' 2 gk ang ltak no..
hot la aku lpas ni..wawawa~