Preserving now.....for a Greener future

Nowaday, everybody are suffering. Human, animal, sea, air, all of this are suffering. But from what? I dont think there a big war happening right now like previous world war II. So from what are we suffering?

ok, lets us open our eyes and face the reality :

only in 1year without we realised it!

If you are a normal person with a little bit feeling of coutioness, i guess you should be realised that from those picture, it is clearly show that our world is in danger. Global warming, drastic climate change, extinction of many species of animal and so on. So are we have been convinced that the reality about our world is suffering right now?

As human, mybe most of us use to ask," Can i stop all this things to be happened?".
The answer is


TECHNOLOGY is a scientific word that mean the application of science knowledge and calculation for practical purpose. And the term of "GREEN" is a symbolic word for nature or earth. So, the combination of those two word bring the meaning of a group of knowledge that been applied to produce a practical equipment in environmental friendly manner.

There are some goals to be set for us to achieve GREEN TECHNOLOGY:

1) Innovation - creating another alternative for current product. As example, we need to apply new alternative for chemical substance or fossil fuel to generate energy
2) Reduction - reducing the number of things that we throw everyday and try to reuse or recycle
3) Sustainability - inventing new product or technology for market need that will never harm natural resources


In this article, i would like to giving information to all about what type of green technology that we already have and what we are still studying to be created soon.

Environmental friendly technology

- recycling -

Recycling is one of the oldest green technology which have been practiced widely by the whole world. The recycling is totally bring the concept of saving the nature where all the things that is can not be used anymore is recycled to produce a new usable different product. Almost all type of material like glass, paper, plastic and tin can be recycle. In this way, it can help to protect the environment from overloading waste management and cause less pollution.

- water purification -

A concepts of removing all kind of contamination, dirt, germs and toxic from raw water so that the clean water can be produce for global use. In this era, water purification technology have provide drinking water to all human in this wolrd. But the usage of purified water also can be use for other purposes like pharmacology, medical, and chemical industry.

The treatment of water start by collecting the raw water from many type of sources. As the example, water from underground, lakes, reservoirs, canals and seawater. Then the raw water will be treated by several stage of filtration, flocculation and sedimentation until it reach required pH standard for public use. This process is one of green technology that help to purified dirty water into usable water.
- energy conservation -

Everyday, we use a lot of energy to do our daily life. Lighting the lamp, cooking, watching television and surfing internet are example of activities that require the energy. Energy need to be produce into form of electricity before it can be use at our home. To produce the energy itself require a lot of natural resources like charcoal, petrol, diesel and so on.

But, day by day, the natural resource for the energy is decreasing while the need of energy increase everyday. The side effect of pollution created when producing energy also can cost thousands of billion to a country.

So, the idea of energy conservation is to reduce the energy consume by human to preserve natural resource and to avoid mass pollution to the earth. This idea can be achieved by using energy efficiently and try to decrease the usage or energy everyday. All this can help a country to gain better environment quality, human comfort and economic stability.


Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

Ocean or sea covered almost 75 percent of our whole earth. And this make it as biggest solar receiver. From the studies, we believe that the energy from solar that absorb by the ocean can be equal to 250 billions barrels of oil in each day. So, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion ( OTEC ) is try to use this as main energy source by converting the thermal energy from difference of water temperature in the ocean. This temperature difference can generate the turbine to produce energy. By the way, current technology still can not be apply since there is not enough mechanism to generate sufficient energy.


VIDEO - see what we have done to our only earth...


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